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VCC Potting Mix

How to germinate Bonsai Orange seeds – Bangalore Agrico

Bangalore Agrico plant experts are suggesting you to follow the bellow plan for good results in Bonsai Orange Seed germination. You must buy seeds from known and trusted seed suppliers

Step 1

Take a flat vessel with sterile VCC Potting Mix. Before filling it with soil, punch drainage holes in it. Better use plastic tray. Ensure proper drainage in the bottom to ensure seeds won’t damage.

Step 2

Plant the seeds 0.5 inch deep into the potting soil. Add sufficient water to moisten the mix, however do not let it get soggy.

Step 3

Cover the cup with either a bag or wrapper. Keep checking to make sure moisture is there.

Step 4

Store the pot in a low temperature place. Sunlight isn’t necessary for initial germination.

Step 5

Keep it for  20 – 40 days. Maintain good moisture level.

Step 6

Time to transplant if you find 2-3 leaves. Transplant to a permanent pot or poly bag once the seedling is big enough.

Step 7

Keep the transplanted Dwarf Orange plant in a pot with proper potting mix. VCC potting mix is recommended.

Note: Using soil for germination is not recommended because soil born diseases can cause seed damage

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