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Strawberry plants - Bangalore Agrico

Growing Strawberries in India – Bangalore Agrico

As you know that plants have different choices for where they rest their “base” (roots). Some plants adapt very dry medium, like rosemary and lavenders, but others thrived in moist but well drained mixes. Generally, strawberry plants may not tolerate having their roots merged with water all the time. Hence, it is important to know how to prepare soil mixes or at least, how to adjust ready mixes for different plants’ needs.

Bangalore Agrico has shared their soil formula for dry loving plants which need very well drained soil. By this, they meant that water need to drain out very fast, it does not sit in the soil. Their ratio is 1:1:1 of the following :

  1. Clay pellets or wood husk (sterilized)
  2. Red soil (sterilized recommended)
  3. VCC Potting Mix (suitable for all plants)

Mix thoroughly. If the quantity of VCC potting mix is more reduce red soil.
Add optimum quantity of water and ensure drainage holes in pot. Roots should be spread and not pressed. Gently add soil to ensure roots and not merged.

Once planted, based of the plants should be mulched. Mulching is the process of covering the base soil with a thin polythene film. This will help to preserve water content in the soil. Also this will reduce direct sunlight falling to the base of the plant. Strawberries need good sunlight. That means leaves need good sunlight biut base should be covered. Make raised beds so that the leaves and fruits hang freely. Soil should be loose so that roots will spread quickly.

Apply organic pesticides if required. Usually strawberry plants are very much tolerant to pests. Pluck the fruits as soon as it becomes ripe. Otherwise bugs will reach because of the great aroma of strawberries. Bangalore Agrico has tested the plant growth in various stages and produced good and big strawberry  fruits. Bangalore Agrico is selling imported strawberry plants. Imported hybrid seeds as well as heirloom seeds are selling with a nominal price.

Strawberry plants can be grown in horizontally mounted PVC pipes.

Strawberry plants can be grown in coconut husk as well. hanging pots or vertical mounts can also be used for growing strawberry plants.

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